Jolie is now offering this transformative course on Olympic Peninsula!

A new series of classes kicks off on October 11, 2018. 

Fall - Winter - Spring Series

Early-bird registration is open until September 24th, as space is available. Register by emailing Jolie at

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To register, email Jolie at

This popular series of classes, previously offered at the University of Washington, is now available in two locations: Seattle and Chimacum. Experience this transformative course, gaining all the benefits, at significantly less cost.

Those participating in the fall session will have the opportunity to continue on to the winter session and finish the full series in the spring. 


I so enjoy teaching these classes, watching the relationships that grow out of them, and celebrating the growth and successes of so many. The course has been built on the foundation of those who came before me, the hundreds of classes and conferences I’ve been fortunate to be part of, as well as the seven years of teaching the series. 

This course also includes a manuscript review (one picture book or chapter) with in-line comments and written feedback. 

Class participation is limited to 12 people.

Most guest speakers will Skype into our Chimacum location.

Class will meet on Thursday, October 11 - December 13 (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day). 

Please don't hesitate to email with questions.


"Jolie's class changed my life -- seriously! She is an amazing teacher and coach, and I continue to learn so much from her. Her teaching and feedback style helped me develop my own inner motivation to write again after developing terrible problems with writer's block in classes with other teachers, and the things I learned from her about kidlit and writing were vital to every success I've had since. If you can take a class from her, do it!"                                                                                                                                                                                 ~Jessica Petersen, former student and author of OLD TRACKS, NEW TRICKS

"Jolie Stekly's love of writing is obvious from the first minutes of her class. Her knowledge about the craft of writing and her ability to give spot-on feedback helped me every single week to improve. Jolie was able to call upon her many contacts within the publishing industry to add further depth to her classes. Most importantly, Jolie possesses boundless enthusiasm. Her classes are warm and welcoming, where writers are encouraged to take risks, and growth is sure to follow. I highly recommend her classes."                                                    ~Amanda Hosch, former student and author of MABEL OPAL PEAR and the Rules for Spying

"Jolie is an amazing writer and teacher and everyone should take this class."                                             ~Martha Brockenbrough, frequent guest speaker and author of many books for children/teens

"Jolie is an excellent teacher and a great coach. I highly recommend taking her class."                                ~Elaine Asaidali

"...this class changed everything for me. Jolie is truly amazing and has so much to offer. If you can you should go for it."                                                                                                                                                                         ~Carol Zink